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Ok, I got it
The Blue Cardigan
Latest update Sep'09
Social Avenger added
Thanks for stopping by at the The Blue Cardigan.

If you popped in for articles on knitwear or clothing, I'm sorry but you've visited the wrong website. I'm sure that there are a fair number of sites out there which will cover off your interests - but not this one.

The Blue Cardigan instead keeps my webcomic strips warm. Like many people, I've had the urge to tell some stories, the internet allows me to publish them as well.

I hope that you won't have felt that your visit was a waste of time.

My Name is Dick

Various stories about Dick, the owner of a pretty unsuccessful bar.
Warboys- Brainwashed soldiers   in the aftermath of WW3, which happened in 1991!
Blue Cardi Strips

A variety of stories that fall into neither of the other zones
Dick's Theme Night
Dick's Bar
Doc Frank
12 Days of Xmas at Dick's Bar
Dick's Troubles with Girls...
Look at our sister site- Bunker 64
Troubles Part 1
Check Count Fangula out, made me laugh
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4